Unionize Your Place of Employment

"United we Bargain - Divided we Beg"

We live in a world that increasingly values individual success over collective achievements. The billionaire high tech wizard, the 10 million dollars a year hockey or soccer player, the Olympic gold medal winner or the latest pop singing star are all portrayed as role models and examples of ultimate success.

It is not surprising that for many young and not so young, the vocabulary of the union movement seems archaic. Terms like brothers, sisters, solidarity, collective, rights, seniority, respect and dignity do not resonate with the “new and improved” declarations of self-help or motivational gurus guaranteeing individual wealth and happiness.

People are willingly prepared to part with their hard earned money to buy a one in 24 million chance of hitting the lottery jackpot, while complaining about paying union dues that guarantees that their wages, benefits and overall economic well-being will improve from year to year.

Solidarity and collective action are the only proven way of achieving sustained improvements for the well-being of working people. Just as a trades person, however intelligent and skilled, cannot single handedly build G.M. Place, Sky Train, The Trade & Convention Centre or The Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, the glorification of individual success will never lead to the building of a better society for all.

You can help yourself by building a better workplace right now. All you need to do is unionize/organize your workplace. You can start this simple process by either contacting one of our Business Agents or downloading an application, fill it out, sign it and then mail it to our office. Any cards that we receive will be kept confidential (No one but the Union will see these cards). Once we have a minimum of 45% of the workforce signed up, we can then apply to the L.R.B. for certification. The L.R.B. then verifies if the cards signed are acceptable and meet the required threshold. When all the criteria's are met, the L.R.B. will order a representation vote. That is when you the employees decide whether or not you want the Iron Workers to represent you. You hold the power to unionize and collectively improve your well being. Solidarity forever!

In applying for membership, you understand that the union intends to apply and be certified as your exclusive bargaining agent and to represent you in collective bargaining.

Please click here for PDF Application form

Please print off the PDF file, fill out the required information and either Fax, Mail or drop off your application to the following address:

1026 Auckland Street
New Westminister, B.C. V3M 1K8